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04 Nov


The accumulation of praise and worship, as a requirement for Heaven, is taken very much important via the Word of God through songs. They consist of the General Choir and a Praise-Worship Team. They have been receiving, writing and practicing Spirit led songs over the years. They’re ought to release an upcoming Album (as the […]

03 Nov

Call To Clean Christianity, To Children And Youths

In Jesus name, Lord may your word expose the darkness in every heart and life Amen This message points you back to your sinful life for you to clean your life and confess every committed sin, to God and of course openly before man. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to […]

03 Nov

Overcoming Denominational Bondage And Iniquity By Pastor Paul Rika

This book is about the current unwholesome trend in Christianity today – a trend that must be resisted; a trend that we must put a stop to. Preachers in their bid to maintain control over a people have formed religious groups. These groups exist and are identified as ‘denominations’. These denominations operate under a common […]