Call To Clean Christianity, To Children And Youths

03 Nov

Call To Clean Christianity, To Children And Youths

In Jesus name, Lord may your word expose the darkness in every heart and life Amen

This message points you back to your sinful life for you to clean your life and confess every committed sin, to God and of course openly before man.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1John 1:9.

The devil got many when they were child, I mean young, into all these mess, some started smoking ordinary stick I tried it, some started stealing I did it, some went it abominable sins, immoral sins, sexual sins, thank God am saved, my name in the book of life.

Call to Clean christianity to the young boy, be checking the children now, the devil is cheating many of them, a boy and a boy, but see how they are so close, how they are playing very rough, this is how satan introduce them into touching one another, romancing themselves, this is homosexuality, satan is into catch them young.

Call to clean christianity to the young girl, see how satan is doing this things, many of them are into lesibian acts, see how they are behaving towards one another, before the fire is smoke, many of them after watching all these romantic films, love films, they start romancing themselves, this is masturbation, some start looking for boyfriends and girlfriends, as they growing, immorality is growing, a young girl but have done abortion two times, many have committed fornication more than 3 times but they are 19 years what has happened? satan got them on time, they are stealing from here to there. they are caught how did it start? from stealing from mummy’s bag, searching daddy’s trouser, picking money on the ground, eating people food in the class.

Call to Clean Christianity to the youth, if you know the grace you have received you will thank God. Is time to start a clean christianity, repent and accept Jesus, openly confess your past sins, look for a true preacher, otherwise you will keep on masturbating and defiling yourself, hurting yourself, otherwise you will keep on watching pornography is an addict, otherwise you will keep on stealing, you cannot stop committing fornication, you cannot handle it, come to Jesus and confess openly dont be ashamed.

Call to Restitution to the young boy, please all those things you stole confess it and return it, confess to the people you stole from, daddy, mummy, aunty, uncle, the earlier you do it the better it will be for you. Confess all known sin and clean yourself, look for a true preacher.

Call to Holiness, all these bleaching you are doing, please stop, beauty is vain, all the perfume, roll on, body spray, powder, pancake, make up, earrings, chains, bangles attachment, weavon, wool, trousers, knickers, bum shorts, clear them out. All these rubbish immoral films delete them, stop watching those filthy things, demons are transferring to you, some it affect them, if they mistakenly see inner wear of someone they get defiled, demons are behinds these films, these worldly songs, phyno, olamide, wiz kid and others please delete and be clean. break off from every boyfriend, girlfriend, homosexual partner, lesibian company and be clean.

God help you to do and observe this true christianity lost but found in Jesus name Amen

Song: I am happy that Jesus died for me, praise God alleluia and my name in the book of life…

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